Sones de Marimba

Main Concerts

- World Music Festival Tradicionarius, Spain.

- Festival Hamaques of Latinoamerican Music, Spain.


From Colombia to México the marimba has a tradition that comes from Africa.
Sones de Marimba moves from son Jarocho to Currulao, from Afro-Peruvian rhythms to Cuban beats with a touch of jazz and modern music. 
Their music travels around the pacific ocean to the Caribbean sea and arrives to the mediterranean to mix with different cultures. Their songs in Spanish are inspired by the daily life in the cities and their people.


The formation is composed  by musicians from around the world who bring a fresh and cool sound to their music by using traditional instruments like the marimba chiapaneca or the marimba de chonta from Colombia,  the vihuela and Mexican jarana,  or the cuatro from Venezuela and the cajon from Peru


Yehosuá Escobedo (México)
Marimba and percussion
Nicolas Cristancho (Colombia)
Piano, marimba and voice
Simao Hernandez (Mèxico)
Jaranas, vihuela and voice
Alex Valdes (EUA)
Emilio Remesal (España)
Drumset and percussion
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